What Is Howard Haven?

Thank you for your interest in Howard Haven (the Howard Haven Home).

One hundred and fifty years ago, Howard County opened its first County Home.  Like most County Homes in Indiana, it operated a farm as a source of income hence the term “poor farm”.

Today, Howard Haven continues the tradition of caring for people who are older, developmentally disabled, and for various life circumstances cannot live on their own yet don’t require nursing care.

Howard Haven is truly a wonderful home for its residents.  Everyday the caring staff at Howard Haven ensures that residents’ needs are met.

While the basic requirements of life are covered, it is through community support that a positive quality of living for our residents can be ensured.  Friends of Howard Haven is a committed group of volunteers who seek to invite and coordinate greater community support for the betterment of the residents.

I encourage you to consider becoming a Friends of Howard Haven member.

Your membership ensures an optimistic future for Howard Haven and helps to maintain a positive quality of living for current and future residents.

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